JASON   AKA  ” JAKE”  is a Chef, avid outdoorsman, mushroom hunter and dog ” Dad”

He shares his thoughts on food, cooking, life and nature.

Life takes one many places…from the hiking trails of Isle Royal…to the kitchen of one of Detroit’s finest restaurant’s.  Life is a journey we walk each day not knowing what lies around the next bend…

I am a 1996 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America….perhaps the best experience one can have to step into the Culinary world.  If only I had more time their to absorb all the knowledge and experience contained in those walls?

I share my love for cooking through my blog and cooking videos on YouTube.

Exceeding that experience however is the years working alongside my Chef and mentor Marcus, at The Lark Restaurant.  His skill and teaching of French preparations brought my abilities to a higher level.

This page has been a labor of love the past 18 months. Everyone has a story and this about me and my blog.

My whole life I have been a dedicated Culinary Professional. I was the Executive Chef at The English Inn in Eaton Rapids, MI for many years until life took a turn.

My father was diagonsed with Pancreatic Cancer….a brutal and often swift killer and I had to make tuff decision. To continue work 60 hour weeks and weekends and holidays or make the most of the time with my father and family?

I chose to resign and enjoy the family time I had been missing. This was not with out financial hardship including losing my house =(

This Blog has been a Passion and Creative out let during the times I was unemployed and a source of hope when financially distressed.

My father has now passed away but not without a good 18 month fight. I was able to spend Thanksgivings and Christmas and many other joyous times with my family. I don’t regret my decisions for one minute!

I hope you find my Blog inspirational and entertaining. As I contuine on in my Chef career I hope to provide you with more and more interesting content!

Soup spoon pic of me
the lark crew (2)
me at the farmers market close up
waugh of me

Black Trumpets and Cinnabar Chantrelles

Black Trumpets and Cinnabar Chantrelles


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