Food Trends Top 10 for 2016

Food Trends you will be seeing in 2016. You should be happy to know that many of the best trends in food haven’t changed. Quality and flavor and good preparation are always in while many food fads die out quickly. So here is a look at some of the trends the National Restaurant Association expects to see in the year ahead

  • African flavors
  • Authentic ethnic restaurants
  • Ethnic condiments and spices
  • Housemate Artisan Soft drinks
  • Middle Eastern flavors
  • Non traditional liquors
  • Pop up restaurants
  • Hyper local sourcing
  • Local Beer, Wine, and Spirits
  • Housemate Artisan Ice Cream

As you can see expect so bold and flavorful food as today’s Chefs continue to be inspired by flavors from all over the globe and it’s different cultures and cuisines. Another you will continue to see is Chef driven new restaurants and pop ups as well as food trucks. These concepts allow creative Chefs to have the freedom to explore bold flavors and quality ingredients. Some of the best new additions to the Lansing MI dining scene are Chef driven such as Saddleback BBQ and Daddys Little Grill food truck. I expect this trend to continue even with the challenges of financing a start up new restaurant.

Artisan everything will continue to be a big trend allowing Chefs to create flavorfull breads, sausages, pickles and you name it bring signature unique treats for patrons to enjoy.

I read a statement in Forbes that “Expensive is the new value”

Which is a statement that I do find rather odd but is in fact actually true in a lot of ways. Chefs and dinners are increasingly more mindful of there food choices. Many people are more than willing to pay more for better and healthy options. Grass fed, non GMO, Organic, Local, Artisan or House/Houmade. These are all words that mean better quality better flavor better ethics and better for your health. I fully expect this trend to big in 2016 as people are mindful of what delicious food they put in there mouth as well as the effects food has on one’s health, the community and the global consequences of food.

Congratulations I expect to be eating well this year with lots of bold flavors. Local high quality ingredients from our local community. Unique Artisan ingredients to enjoy. It is good to know that eating well this is going to be good for or health and good for the World as a whole. Enjoy!

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